ACS Main Campus


1)  Founding Purpose

There are about 1.3 million foreigners living in South Korea, who came from China, Southeastern Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Russia, and so on. Many of them came from the regions where the Gospel has not reached yet, worshipping Buddhism, Islam, or Hinduism. And a majority of them work in the factories and industrial sites where Koreans evade today. Only a very small number of them have heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ, received salvation, and became children of God, living a life of faith. The ACS Main Campus carefully selects the devoted internationals who have received the calling of evangelizing their own nation but are not able to attend a regular theological degree course due to various reasons. The Campus trains them God¡¯s Word with full scholarship and free room and board so that they may be sent as missionaries back to their own countries, or serve as pastors in the ethnic churches for their countrymen in South Korea after graduation.

2)  Curriculum & Methodology

ACS Main Campus located in Suji-gu, Yongin-city, Kyeonggi-do offers full-time programs with the same curriculum as that of regular seminaries and graduate theological schools in the North America. All classes are conducted in English. All students will be admitted to the dormitory, and they will attend classes from Monday through Friday (5 days a week). They will participate in the early morning prayer meetings and attend the intensive classes from 10 am to 5 pm during the weekdays. In the weekends, the students are required to assist in the pastoral ministries in the ethnic churches in Korea serving their countrymen. In addition to the regular theological classes, there will be various programs such as the spiritual discipline program, prayer training program, servant leadership training program, practical pastoral training program, and so on, which will prepare them to become well-rounded ministers of God.   

3)  Degree Programs

Students, in consideration of their past educational achievements and situations, may participate in various degree programs.  

    -   Diploma of Undergraduate
           A high school diploma is required. Students must take total 60 credits to complete this program.   

    -   Bachelor of Ministry (B.Min.)
           A high school diploma is required. Students must take total 90 credits to complete this program.   

    -   Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.)
           A high school diploma is required. Students must take total 120 credits to complete this program.  

    -   Master of Theology Studies (M.T.S.)
           A bachelor¡¯s degree is required. Students must take total 60 credits to complete this program. 

    -   Master of Divinity (M.Div.)
           Applicants who have a bachelor of theology, or who graduated from university with bachelor degree
           can join this program. Students must take total 90 credits to complete this program.    

4)  Program Period

The school year is divided into three semesters, and each semester lasts four months. The first semester is from January through April, the second, May through August, and the third, September through December. There is 10-day vacation period after each semester.  

    -   Bachelor Course : The program is a 3-year course comprised of nine semesters. 

    -   Master Course : The program is a 2-year course comprised of six semesters.

5)  Admission Criteria

Applicants who want to get admission to the Campus must quit their secular jobs. They have to focus on theological studies during the weekdays, and during the weekends, to serve as full time ministers for their countrymen. After graduation, they should serve as full time ministers for their countrymen either in their home countries or in Korea.      

    -   Bachelor Course
           Applicants must possess a high school diploma or equivalent, and be able to study in English,
           and enter the dormitory.
          ( Those who are married may, as an exception, stay outside of the  Campus depending
           on their situations.) 

    -   Master Course
           Applicants must have a bachelor of theology, or have graduated from university, and be able to
           study in English and enter the dormitory.

        (Those who are married may, as an exception, stay outside of the Campus depending
            on their situations.)

6)  Tuition and Fees

ACS Main Campus offers full scholarships including full tuition, room and board to the internationals who have quitted their jobs to become pastors and dedicate themselves to the theological studies.


7)  Alumni Status

ACS Main Campus produced 160 graduates from 30 countries since it was founded in 1997. Over 70% of them have been sent back to their own countries (Myanmar, Philippine, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Congo, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, India, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Uzbekistan, Nepal, Mongolia, Uganda, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Kurds, etc.) as missionaries. They are serving the Lord Jesus as pastors, professors, revivalists, Bible teachers, and so on, and are spreading the Gospel by planting churches, running seminaries, evangelizing, running orphanages, and so on. The rest of them (30%) are serving the Lord Jesus by preaching the Gospel to their countrymen living in South Korea.


8)  Alumni Benefits

Graduates who have completed the Master of Divinity (M.Div.) with three years full time ministry, and pass the ordination examination will be ordained by The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea. If they decide to go back to their home countries, they will be commissioned as missionaries.