ACS Ansan Campus


1)  Founding Purpose

AMI Center has established ACS Ansan Campus in the ¡®Borderless Village¡¯ in Wonkook-dong, Ansan-city, Kyeonggi-do where about fifty thousand internationals reside. The Campus was established for the international workers who cannot join regular theological programs full-time due to various situations. Those among the international workers who would like to become pastors for their countrymen may study the Word of God part-time by taking weekend and evening classes.


2)  Curriculum & Methodology

Ansan Campus offers part-time theological courses of which class topics and curriculums are the same as those of the Main Campus. The Campus runs classes through VCD¡¯s and video materials in English. Professors and pastors with proven credentials give lectures according to the schedule of class. Students may have a secular job during the weekdays, and they are required to attend the classes at the Campus in the weekends, according to each student¡¯s scheduled curriculum. Moreover, all students must take the intensive classes offered during the New Year¡¯s Day and Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day) period.


3)  Degree Programs

Students who complete the part-time programs at Ansan Campus will be transferred to the Main Campus in Suji, and earn additional credits to receive respective degrees.


4)  Programs Period

Programs offered at Ansan Campus do not have specific period for completion. Students will receive credits as much as they study.


5)  Admission Criteria

Applicants who want to get admission to Ansan Campus may hold a secular job. They may labor in their workplace during the weekdays. In the weekends, having the same condition as the full-time students at the Main Campus, they are required to serve the practical ministries for their countrymen.  

    -   Bachelor Course
           Applicants must possess a high school diploma or equivalent, and be able to study in English.

    -   Master Course
           Applicants must have a bachelor of theology, or have graduated from university, and be able to
           study in English.  

6)  Tuition and Fees

Since the students at Ansan Campus are conducting economic activities, they are required to pay a nominal tuition fee unlike the students studying at the Main Campus. The tuition fee per semester (4 months) is 300,000 Won ($ 250). Tuition installment payment plans are available.