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AMI President ACS Lecture  


AMI College & Seminary (ACS) is an institution for theological education certified by The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea. It was founded as a seminary for internationals residing in Korea, and has been run by Antioch Mission International (AMI) to spread the Gospel effectively to the unreached people groups in the 10/40 Window. Originally based in the United States, AMI is an interdenominational, evangelical mission organization having served the mission ministries for the Third World countries. After it moved its headquarter to South Korea in 1997, it has actively expanded its ministries through its subsidiaries, AMI Church, AMI College and Seminary (ACS), AMI Satellite Broadcasting, ACS International Campuses, AMI Vision School (AVS), AMI Vision Camp Korea (AVCK), AMI Vision Camp International (AVCI), AMI Bible Academy (ABA), AMI Correspondence School, AMI English Ministry (EM), AMI Media and AMI Publication. These ministries are administered and directed by AMI Center.

AMI Center has established ACS Campuses in 25 countries as well as in Korea. AMI is serving various ministries to train international Christians and Leaders and build them up to be faithful servants of God. Currently in Korea AMI is running three campuses for international students in Suji, Ansan and Seoul. AMI Center has also established ACS International Campuses in 25 countries including Myanmar, Nepal, Cambodia, Malaysia, India, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, China, Uzbekistan, the Middle East, the Philippine, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Paraguay, Germany, North America, Australia and New Zealand. Currently, in AMIs 28 domestic and international campuses, about 6,000 devoted Christian leaders are being trained to become ministers of the Gospel.




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