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AMI President ACS Lecture  


     ACS Bangladesh Campus

   Pastor Alfred had been ministering in Bangladesh before he came to Korea and attended in CGI (Church Growth International) Conference in Full Gospel Church. At that time, he applied for the Master of Divinity program at ACS Main Campus in Korea. After he finished the 2-year regular course, he was commissioned as a missionary, resent to Bangladesh, and began his evangelization ministry. As his ministry expanded, it was considered necessary to establish a seminary to bring up the local people with accurate theology. Accordingly, as a concrete and practical way of evangelizing Bangladesh, AMI Center established ACS Bangladesh Campus in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, to bring up local pastors. Later as the ministries of AMI in Bangladesh are invigorated, the Campus has established and operated branch campuses in many rural and mountain regions that are difficult to be served if not by local ministers. Currently about 200 students who are called to God¡¯s ministries are being trained by the Word of God.

1) Founding Purpose
   87% of the total population of Bangladesh is Muslim, and only 0.23% of the population is Protestant in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh government prohibits foreign missionaries from officially entering the country. Therefore, it has become a crucial strategy to train the local people to be servants of the Gospel and build them up to be local church leaders, and after that, to plant churches and establish seminaries through them and to find devoted people and make them disciples. Moreover, it is necessary to develop methods and various materials for Gospel evangelization and disciple making, and to hand them over to local churches so that they may prepare themselves for the self supporting foundation.

2) Class Learning Method
  All students are admitted to the dormitory and are required to complete the curriculums of AMI Center. They will participate in the classes led by local pastors and professors with proven track record of ministries. Moreover, AMI professors from Korea and North America will be sent to give special lectures.

3) Degree Programs
  Various programs are being prepared in consideration of the educational background of the local Christians who are called to ministries.

    -Diploma in Biblical Studies (D.B.S.)
      A high school diploma (H.S.C) is required. Students must earn 60 credits to complete.
    -Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.)
      A high school diploma (H.S.C) is required. Students must earn 120 credits to complete.
    -Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.)
      Applicants must be college graduates and earn 60 credits to complete.
    -Master of Divinity (M.Div.)
      Applicants must hold a bachelor¡¯s degree or have graduated from a college.
      Students must earn 60 credits to complete.

4) Admission Criteria
  Local Christians, church leaders, and pastors called to the mission of evangelizing Bangladesh may study at ACS Bangladesh Campus. 

5) Tuition and Fees
  All students will receive full scholarship including free room and board. 

6) Alumni Activities
  The ¡°Disciple 10 Project¡± ministry, a program of which purpose is to spread the Gospel to the unreached people groups of Bangladesh is in progress actively by 10 students, divided into groups of two, who have finished the entire training courses. Graduates are touring mountain regions and rural villages, not large cities, to spread the Gospel. They not only participate in the AMI leadership seminars held twice a year but also invite pastors from other denominations, developing their spirituality together. They work hard to foster sound theological knowledge and to spread the Gospel.




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